Why Women Choose Tubal Ligation Surgery

Published: 18th March 2010
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Each year, many women consider the option of female sterilization. Normally, this includes the idea of having tubal ligation surgery. Commonly known as having their tubes tied, this is a very typical surgery for a woman to undergo just after having her last child. For many women, there is no regret about having her tubes tied. However some women may come to regret that decision later in life.

The reasons why a woman would undergo tubal ligation surgery are numerous. Sometimes it is simply because the couple has decided that they are finished having children and this is a good way to prevent future pregnancies. However, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that cause a woman to choose to have her tubes tied.

For example, if a woman is in a relationship which is not stable or is abusive in some way, she may opt to have this procedure in order to avoid bringing a child into the situation. Some women make a decision early in their lives that they don't want to have any children at all, so they may have their tubes tied to prevent this from occurring. These women and their spouses may feel it is important to not bring any more children into a chaotic world.

There are certain women who experience heavy bleeding each month during their menstrual cycle. This is called menorrhagia and may need to be handled medically by having procedures such as an endometrial ablation. When a woman has this procedure done, the doctor removes the lining of the uterus which does not allow her to have heavy periods any longer.

Some women, depending upon the age they are when they have the ablation procedure done, will resume their menstrual cycle at some point. This does not necessarily mean she is capable of carrying a fetus to term because much of the lining of the uterus was removed. This is why many doctors most often recommend that a woman have tubal ligation surgery to prevent the chance of becoming pregnant since it puts her and the baby at higher risk.

Deciding whether or not to have tubal ligation surgery is certainly not an easy thing for any woman. This is because she must make future plans and decide whether or not she will have any additional children. For some women, that can be a hard decision to make.

Should you have tubal ligation surgery and later change your mind for whatever reason, tubal ligation reversal is a possibility for having another child. Seek out the resources at the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center website at http://www.tubal-reversal.net/ to learn more. Check out the message board to connect with other women in your shoes.

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