Tubal Surgery for Blocked Fallopian Tubes - Better than IVF?

Published: 12th February 2010
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There are millions of women all over the world who experience infertility each year. However, some of these women did not realize at the beginning that their problem is from blocked fallopian tubes.

The fallopian tubes are the narrow channels that connect the ovaries to the uterus. These are the little superhighways that allow the egg to travel from the ovaries into the uterus and where fertilization takes place.

If a woman has blocked fallopian tubes, the egg is unable to make its way down into the uterus. However, this also means that the sperm is unable to make its way into the fallopian tube to meet with egg.

If a woman has one blocked tube, she still has the possibility of getting pregnant with the other good tube. However, of course, she will have a much greater likelihood of getting pregnant with two good fallopian tubes.

Some doctors do tubal surgery which allows for the woman to have the problem corrected so that she can continue to try to get pregnant each month following the surgery. This is a viable option which you might not hear about.

While some doctors still do tubal surgery, and you will need to search to find fully experienced doctors, more doctors are trained each year for in vitro fertilization and are told to use that procedure instead. They don't even learn about tubal surgery and the hope it holds for women.

Of course, IVF is generally more expensive than tubal surgery. Therefore, women end up spending a lot of money for each cycle when they want to try to get pregnant.

With tubal surgery, a woman has a permanent fix to her problem which will allow her to continue trying to conceive month after month. Unless there is some other medical condition which causes the tubes to become blocked again like a recurring infection that wasn't taken care of, a woman will be able to continue trying as long as she desires.

With IVF, however, the woman and her partner will have to pay for each cycle thus causing a diminished amount of time that she can continue trying. It takes time to prepare for each IVF cycle and to recover the eggs.

In other words, the decision to continue or not will be based upon financial reasons rather than the desire to conceive. Don't forget the toll the drugs used in this procedure take on a woman's body.

There are many medical causes for blocked fallopian tubes and once found, many of these causes can be corrected sometime simply with antibiotics. However, once the damage is done, women can take the most cost-effective route, which is tubal surgery, to correct the problem. Finding a doctor who is specialized and experienced in tubal surgery is very important.

While a search for a doctor specializing in tubal surgery may be difficult in your local area, such doctors do exist at the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. Check out the information about blocked fallopian tubes on their website at tubal-reversal.net/ and schedule a FREE consultation today.

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