Trying to Conceive After Tubal Reversal - Get Advice From a Pro

Published: 22nd February 2010
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For women who are trying to conceive a child, the process can be very frustrating if it's not working out. However, women can feel very frustrated in themselves if the cause of their inability to get pregnant was created by choosing to have a tubal ligation. Many women have their tubes tied after they think that they're not going to have any more children. However, sometimes they change their mind later on.

Unfortunately, many doctors are trained to believe that only way a woman can get pregnant after having her tubes tied is by doing in vitro fertilization. In fact, many reproductive endocrinologists are not even trained in nor do they ever see any other alternative but IVF during their training or schooling.

However, there is a procedure called a tubal reversal which will allow a woman to continue trying to conceive month after month. This is quite different than an IVF treatment which only works for the current month and requires a couple to continue paying for each cycle they want to try. With tubal reversal, the woman can try to get pregnant just like any other woman month after month after she recovers.

After a woman has a tubal reversal, it is very important that she takes very good care of herself while her body heals to give herself the greatest chance of getting pregnant. This means that she needs to maintain a healthy diet, moderate exercise and take prenatal vitamins to prepare her body in case she is able to conceive.

It is also very important that she refrains from smoking or drinking alcohol as this can hamper the healing process of the fallopian tubes. These things may even impact the fetus when she becomes pregnant.

One important factor that a woman should discuss with her doctor before making the decision to have the tubal reversal is how successful she is likely to be at her current age. Studies show that the older a woman gets, the harder it will be for her to carry a successful pregnancy to term. It's also harder to get pregnant the older we become.

For women who are thinking about trying to conceive after tubal reversal surgery, there many things that they should discuss with their doctor before making the decision to have the procedure. A qualified doctor should be experienced in handling this type of procedure on a regular basis and be able to give advice to the woman on her chances of success based upon his own considerable experience.

You can find such a doctor at the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center and its website Many resources are available to provide you with information including pregnancy statistics from a recent study as well as a message board where you can converse with other women also trying to conceive.

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