Things to Consider When Researching Tubal Reversal Funding

Published: 26th May 2010
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Tubal ligation surgery is very common for many women to have if they decide they have had their last child. However, some women will decide that they made a mistake and would like to have more children. When this happens, they might learn that there is another option called tubal reversal surgery. There are costs associated with having this procedure done which is why the topic of tubal reversal funding often comes up.

Because there are only a handful of doctors throughout the United States who actually do tubal reversal procedures on a regular basis, it can be difficult to find someone in your area to handle your case. However, there are doctors who still perform these procedures throughout the year. While most gynecologists will inform their patients that the only option is in vitro fertilization, this is far from the truth.

Tubal reversal surgery is actually very economical when compared with in vitro fertilization. Some doctors charge less than $7000 to have a tubal reversal procedure done. Although this is still a substantial amount of money, the procedure is permanent whereas in vitro fertilization is something that has to be done month after month. Each subsequent cycle adds more and more money to the overall total, so it can get extremely expensive to undergo in vitro fertilization.

The first step after doing your research and picking the best surgeon for your operation is to find out all the costs. It's important to find out from the doctor's office what the total cost of the tubal reversal surgery is so that you can speak with your insurance provider to see if they will cover any portion of it.

Because this is typically considered to be an elective procedure, most health insurance companies are not going to be willing to pay the total amount. In fact, many insurance companies will decline the entire claim stating that it is an elective procedure and is not required for some kind of illness or health problem. However, if approached with the codes for some of the tests required before the operation you may find your insurance company will pay for those.

When looking into tubal reversal funding, you can also speak with your doctor's office staff to find out if there are any payment plans available. Doctors who perform tubal reversal surgery are commonly asked these questions and will be able to give you detailed instructions and information about their fee schedule and any payment plans available.

In addition, when considering your tubal reversal funding and how much you will need to finance in some way, be sure to add in such costs as travel expenses, hotel room, and meals. Many women find it is actually cheaper in the long run to go to a tubal reversal center where the doctors perform this surgery every week day. Not only is it usually cheaper, you will have the benefit of the vast experience of such surgeons rather than the seemingly better option of a local surgeon who might do this operation once or three times a year (if you are lucky) presuming they don't just tell you it's impossible or simply not done.

Learn more about some tubal reversal funding options that are available at the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center at and through the associated tubal reversal cost message board. See just how affordable tubal reversal can be and learn ways to finance yours.

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