All in Your Head - Tubal Ligation Side Effects

Published: 11th February 2010
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Tubal ligation side effects affect an unknown number of women. Several hundred thousand women undergo having their tubes tied each year with the plan of having no more children. What they don't plan on is suffering from any number of symptoms that can make their lives a total mess.

While it may be unknown how many women really suffer from the side effects of tubal ligation, there are some reports/studies that indicate it could be up to 37% have long term complications. These do not include the women who have surgical complications that include infection, injury to the surrounding organs such as the bladder or to blood vessels causing major bleeding, or burning of other organs such as the bowel when coagulation is used. These surgical complications happen in up to 2% of cases and surgical complications can happen in any surgery.

Now some doctors will tell you that your tubal ligation side effects, or at least the problems you are having that you think might be related to having your tubes tied, are actually the result of going off birth control pills when you had your tubal. On another website I read such an answer to a woman asking if her symptoms could be related to her tubal.

She was told such complications are rare and that what she is suffering is simply because she is no longer on the pill. Strangely enough, in the question, there is no mention of the woman having been on the pill. It's possible she was but it is just as possible that she had a tubal after the birth of her last child as many women do. This means that going off the pill is not the cause of her tubal ligation syndrome.

In fact on one message board provided by the staff of the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, you will read story after story of women suffering from various problems that they believe are tied to the tubal they had at the birth of their last child. You will also read posts made by women who are so happy as to have found others in their situation, suffering as they are, and to realize it's not all in their head and that there really is a tubal ligation syndrome.

You see, that is another thing many women are told when consulting with their doctors about their symptoms. They are advised to seek counseling as if bleeding so bad that you soak through a super tampon, overnight pad and your clothes a few times a day is normal. Or that the severe cramps so bad they cannot even get out of bed and any number of other symptoms is just totally in their minds. The above woman who questioned her problems being tied to tubal ligation above was also told to seek counseling in the answer by the doctor who did not even know her.

Now, one option to handle these side effects of tubal ligation is having a ligation reversal. In one small study conducted by the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center for women suffering from post tubal ligation syndrome, by performing a ligation reversal, the doctors were able to achieve relief of the symptoms in 90% of their patients.

So if your tubal ligation side effects are so bad you must find relief in some manner, you should seek out an experienced surgeon in ligation reversal and get your relief. Your chances are very good that you will find it. Check out the website to learn more today.

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